The Fishy Song ~ A Wonderfully Sparkly Song ~ Join in!

Hello everyone. It’s songtime. Please join in with this fun song made up by Miss Honeychurch. I think you’ll enjoy it. The bunnies love this one. Have fun little fishies!
The Fishy Song

 I’m a green stripey fishy and I live in the sea
 My home is the ocean where I swim swim free x 2

 I’m a dolphin and I live in the ocean
 The ocean and the sea
 Watch out little green stripey fishy
 I’m coming for my tea…


Swim swim little fishy
Swim away swim away
If I catch you for my dinner
You’ll become my prey x 2

I may be a very tiny fishy
I may be very small
But if I sing sing sing sing loudly
My friends will hear my call…


© 2019-2022 Holly Honeychurch